Integrated Circuits
ImageTitleModelBrandPrice            ImageTitleModelBrandPrice    
14 PIN MACHINED IC SOCKET SIP SOCKET PW6714 Unbranded $4.70            16 PIN MACHINED IC SOCKET SIP SOCKET PW6716 Unbranded $4.80    
18 PIN MACHINED IC SOCKET SIP SOCKET PW6718 Unbranded $4.90            20 PIN MACHINED IC SOCKET SIP SOCKET PW6720 Unbranded $5.00    
28 PIN MACHINED IC SOCKET PW6728 Unbranded $5.20            3.5 DIG.A/D CONV.LED ICL7107CPL Unbranded $11.60    
3.5 DIG.A/D CONVERTER LCD ICL7106CPL Unbranded $9.90            40 PIN IC SOCKET PW6440 Unbranded $4.20    
40 PIN MACHINED IC SOCKET PW6740 Unbranded $6.00            4008 4 BIT FULL ADDER +CARRY IC 4008 Unbranded $5.10    
40106 HEX SCHMITT TRIGGER IC 40106 Unbranded $4.80            4053 TRIPLE 2 CH MULTIPLEXER ANALOG CHANNEL IC 4053 Unbranded $4.90    
4076 QUAD LATCH (TRI-STATE) IC 4076 Unbranded $5.00            4502 HEX STROBED INVERTER BUFFER TS IC 4502 Unbranded $4.40    
4520 SYNC BINARY COUNTER 74HC163 Unbranded $5.80            4N25 2500V OPTO COUPLER IC 4N25 Unbranded $4.70    
4N35 3500V OPTO COUPLER IC 4N35 Unbranded $4.80            64-BIT STATIC SHIF/REG 4031 Unbranded $5.20    
74HC00 QUAD 2 INPUT NAND GATE IC 74HC00 Unbranded $4.60            74HC02 QUAD 2 INPUT NOR GATE IC 74HC02 Unbranded $4.50    
74HC04 HEX INVERTER IC 74HC04 Unbranded $4.50            74HC08 QUAD 2 INPUT AND GATE IC 74HC08 Unbranded $4.50    
74HC10 3 INPUT NAND GATE IC 74HC10 Unbranded $4.50            74HC11 TRIPLE 3INPUT AND GATE IC 74HC11 Unbranded $4.40    
74HC125 QUAD TRI STATE BUFFER IC 74HC125 Unbranded $4.90            74HC133 13 INPUT NAND GATE IC 74HC133 Unbranded $4.70    
74HC138 1 OF 8 DECODER DEMULTIPLEXER IC 74HC138 Unbranded $4.80            74HC139 DUAL 2 TO 4 LINE DECODER IC 74HC139 Unbranded $4.80    
74HC14 HEX SCHMITT TRIGGER IC 74HC14 Unbranded $4.70            74HC154 4-TO-16 LINE DECODER 74HC154 Unbranded $5.70    
74HC157 QUAD 2 INPUT MULTIPLEXER IC 74HC157 Unbranded $5.00            74HC161 SYNCHRONOUS BINARY COUNTER WITH A/C IC 74HC161 Unbranded $5.00    
74HC164 8 BIT SIPO SHIFT REGISTER IC 74HC164 Unbranded $5.00            74HC165 8-BIT P/I S/O SHIFT REGISTER IC 74HC165 Unbranded $5.10    
74HC173 TRI STATE QUAD D FLIP FLOP IC 74HC173 Unbranded $5.10            74HC174 HEX D FLIP-FLOP IC 74HC174 Unbranded $4.80    
74HC175 QUAD D TYPE FLIP FLOP IC 74HC175 Unbranded $4.80            74HC20 DUAL 4 INPUT NAND GATE IC 74HC20 Unbranded $4.30    
74HC221 DUAL MONSTABLE MULTIVIBRATOR IC 74HC221 Unbranded $5.00            74HC240 OCTAL BUS BUFFER INVERTER IC 74HC240 Unbranded $5.00    
74HC244 OCTAL BUFFER IC 74HC244 Unbranded $5.00            74HC245 OCTAL BUS TRANSCEIVER 74HC245 Unbranded $5.20    
74HC251 MULTIPLEXER TRI STATE IC 74HC251 Unbranded $4.90            74HC257 QUAD 2 INPUT MULTIPLEXER IC 74HC257 Unbranded $4.80    
74HC259 8 BIT ADDRESSABLE LATCH IC 74HC259 Unbranded $5.10            74HC27 TRIPLE 3-INPUT NOR GATE IC 74HC27 Unbranded $4.30    
74HC30 8-INPUT NAND GATE IC 74HC30 Unbranded $5.00            74HC374 OCTAL D FLIP FLOP T/S IC 74HC374 Unbranded $5.10    
74HC4002 DUAL 4 INPUT NOR GATE IC 74HC4002 Unbranded $4.80            74HC4040 12 BIT BIN RIP COUNTER 74HC4040 Unbranded $5.40    
74HC4078 8-INPUT NOR GATE IC 74HC4078 Unbranded $4.80            74HC42 BCD DECIMAL DECODER IC 74HC42 Unbranded $5.00    
74HC4538 DUAL MONST MULTIVIBRAT 74HC4538 Unbranded $5.90            74HC73 DUAL JK FLIP FLOP IC 74HC73 Unbranded $5.10    
74HC74 DUAL D FLIP-FLOP IC 74HC74 Unbranded $4.80            74LS02 QUAD 2-INPUT NOR GATE 74LS02 Unbranded $5.20    
74LS04 HEX INVERTER IC 74LS04 Unbranded $4.80            74LS05 HEX INVERTER (OC) IC 74LS05 Unbranded $4.50    
74LS08 QUAD 2 IN POS AND GATE IC 74LS08 Unbranded $4.70            74LS123 MONOSTABLE MULTIVIBRATOR IC 74LS123 Unbranded $4.90    
74LS125 QUAD BUFFER TRI-STATE IC 74LS125 Unbranded $4.60            74LS138 1 TO 8 LINE DECODER IC 74LS138 Unbranded $4.80    
74LS139 DUAL 1 TO 4 DECODER IC 74LS139 Unbranded $5.00            74LS14 HEX SCHMITT TRIGGER IC 74LS14 Unbranded $4.60    
74LS163 4-BIT BINARY COUNTER SYNC CLR IC 74LS163 Unbranded $5.10            74LS193 BINARY UP DOWN COUNTER IC 74LS193 Unbranded $5.10    
74LS240 OCTAL BUFFER TRI-STATE IC 74LS240 Unbranded $5.00            74LS245 TRI-STATE OCTAL TRANSCEIVER IC 74LS245 Unbranded $5.10    
74LS32 QUAD 2 INPUT OR GATE IC 74LS32 Unbranded $5.00            74LS38 QUAD 2 INPUT NAND BUFFER OCTAL IC 74LS38 Unbranded $4.90    
74LS47 BCD/7-SEG DECODER/DRIVER 74LS47 Unbranded $5.50            74LS74 DUAL D FLIP-FLOP IC 74LS74 Unbranded $4.60    
74LS85 4-BIT MAGNITUDE COMPARATOR IC 74LS85 Unbranded $4.90            7555CN CMOS555 TIMER GEN. PURPOSE 7555CN Unbranded $5.50    
8 PIN MACHINED IC SOCKET SIP SOCKET PW6708 Unbranded $4.50            8BIT INPUT SHIFT REG 74HC597 Unbranded $5.50    
ABA3115 870 MHZ BALANCED LINEAR AMP LOW NOISE IC ABA3115 ANADIGICS $5.10            ADC0808CCN 8-BIT A/D CONV-8CH MUX ADC0808CCN Unbranded $16.90    
BCD TO 7SEGMENT L/D/D 74HC4511 Unbranded $6.00            BT137-500 8A 500V TRIAC TO220 BT137-500 Unbranded $5.70    
CA3130E CMOS OP-AMP MOS-FET IN CA3130E Unbranded $6.40            CA3140E MOSFET INPUT OP-AMP CA3140E Unbranded $6.10    
DS1488N QUAD LINE DRIVER IC DS1488N Unbranded $5.00            DS1489N QUAD LINE RECEIVER IC DS1489N Unbranded $5.10    
DUAL 4-BIT BIN COUNTER 74HC393 Unbranded $5.20            DUAL M/M 74HC123 Unbranded $5.40    
IC CLIP / EAZY HOOK - BLACK EZ HOOK HL011B Unbranded $4.50            IC CLIP / EAZY HOOK - RED EZ HOOK HL011R Unbranded $4.50    
ILQ1 1500V QUAD OPTO COUPLE ILQ1 Unbranded $8.10            LF347N QUAD JFET OP-AMP W/B LF347N Unbranded $6.20    
LF351N JFET INPUT OP-AMP W/B LF351N Unbranded $5.70            LF353N DUAL JFET OP-AMP W/B LF353N Unbranded $5.70    
LF356N GENERAL PURPOSE OP-AMP LF356N Unbranded $7.60            LF357N HI-SPEED FET OP-AMP LF357N Unbranded $7.40    
LF398N SAMPLE AND HOLD AMP LF398N Unbranded $7.70            LF411CN BI-FET L/OFFSET OP-A S LF411CN Unbranded $7.80    
LF442CN JFET DUAL LO-PWR OP AM LF442CN Unbranded $7.70            LF444CN BI-FET OP AMP LO-PWR LF444CN Unbranded $7.90    
LM2577T-ADJ STEP-UP DC-DC REG LM2577T-ADJ Unbranded $19.30            LM2907N-14 FREQ/VOLTAGE CONVERTER LM2907N-14 Unbranded $6.70    
LM301AN UNCOMPENSATED OP-AMP LM301AN Unbranded $7.00            LM308AN SUPER GAIN OP-AMP LM308AN Unbranded $5.60    
LM317HVK VOLT REGULATOR +ADJ 1.5A T03 LM317HVK Unbranded $18.80            LM317K VOLT REGULATOR +ADJ 1.5A T03 LM317K Unbranded $9.70    
LM318N HI-SLEW RATE OP-AMP LM318N Unbranded $6.00            LM324N QUAD LOW POWER OP-AMP IC LM324N Unbranded $4.60    
LM334Z ADJUST. CURRENT SOURCE LM334Z Unbranded $6.40            LM335Z PRECISION TEMP SENSOR LM335Z Unbranded $7.20    
LM338K VOLT REGULATOR +ADJ 5A T03 LM338K Unbranded $43.50            LM339N QUAD COMPARATOR LM339N Unbranded $5.60    
LM340T-12 VOLT REGULATOR +12V 1AMP T0220 LM340T-12 Unbranded $5.20            LM340T-5 IC VOLT REGULATOR +5V 1AMP TO-220 LM340T-5 Unbranded $4.80    
LM348N QUAD 741 OP-AMP IC LM348N Unbranded $5.10            LM3524N REG.PULSE/WIDTH MODULA LM3524N Unbranded $6.50    
LM358N DUAL LOW POWER OP-AMP IC LM358N Unbranded $4.80            LM35DZ PRECISION TEMP SENSOR LM35DZ Unbranded $8.50    
LM380N AUDIO POWER AMPLIFIER LM380N Unbranded $5.70            LM383T AUDIO POWER AMP 8W LM383T Unbranded $8.30    
LM386N-1 AUDIO POWER AMPLIFIER IC 0.7W 6V LM386N-1 Unbranded $4.90            LM3914N DOT/BAR DISPLAY DRIVER LM3914N Unbranded $8.30    
LM393N DUAL COMPARATOR IC LM393N Unbranded $4.60            LM555CN 555 TIMER SINGLE BIPOLAR IC LM555CN Unbranded $4.50    
LM555SM TIMER SINGLE BIPOLAR SMD/SOIC IC LM555SM Unbranded $5.10            LM556CN DUAL TIMER LM556CN Unbranded $5.40    
LM565CN PHASED LOCKED LOOP LM565CN Unbranded $8.50            LM567N TONE DECODER LM567N Unbranded $5.60    
LM723CN V/REG POSITIVE 150MA LM723CN Unbranded $5.30            LM833N DUAL OP AMPLIFIER LM833N Unbranded $5.20    
LM837N QUAD OP AMPLIFIER LM837N Unbranded $8.40            MM27C64 64K CMOS EPROM MM27C64 Unbranded $13.10    
MM62256 256K STATIC RAM 100NS MM62256 Unbranded $11.40            NE5534N OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIER NE5534N Unbranded $6.10    
OCTAL D LATCH (3STATE) 74HC373 Unbranded $5.10            QUAD LOW POWER OP-AMP LM2902N Unbranded $5.20    
SINGLE 8CHAN MULTPLEX 74HC4051 Unbranded $5.70            SYNC BIN U/D COUNT 74HC191 Unbranded $5.90    
T2513MH 25A 600V TRIAC T0220 T2513MH Unbranded $9.20